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    The first step is to register your training centre if it does not currently appear in the list on the platform. The name of the teacher can also be registered along with his/her contact details and password.

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ErasMobility is a platform that facilitates the search for work placements for students and staff in the European Union as well as with countries associated with the Erasmus+ programme.
Two training centres registered on the ErasMobility platform can get in touch and exchange students and/or members of staff to do work placements in each other’s organisations. Training centres in the European Union and in the partner countries of the Erasmus+ programme interested in workplacement mobilities are able to participate and register on the platform. Multiple teachers from the same organisation can register on the platform. The first teacher to register will be the administrator of the Erasmobility organisation and will be responsible for registering the other teachers who will use the platform (teachers non administrator)
You can search for registered training centres by country and by area of specialism on the platform. Furthermore, the search engine will let you know whether the centre has active proposals or not.
The training centres don’t need to use intermediary organisatons so that they have more resources to be able to manage their own organisation’s mobilities.
It is complicated for training centres to work directly with companies in a different country. Training centres can save time and improve the quality of work placements by engaging with another training centre abroad.
By helping with accommodation, primarily with families linked to the receiving training centre, this solves one of the most difficult aspects of managing work placement exchanges.
The opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the culture and the language of a different country thanks to the possibility of staying with a family and participating in the life of the training centre.
First of all, you have to register in Erasmobility to become an Erasmobility Organisation. There is a search engine that combines a lot of fields. For example, if you want to find a training centre that will organise a Student exchange for Web design in France, use the Search function to put ‘Student exchange’ , ‘Web design’ and ‘France’ on the location tab.
The platform will allow you to send an email to this centre to start your communication.

General Inquiries

You can do it by yourself in the sign in section. Just click in "I forgot my password" and a new one will be send to your email.
The platform is only aimed at teachers. So, students need to contact the Erasmus+ coordinator to start their Erasmobility adventure.
This shouldn’t be a problem. We have to be realistic – training centres are very different and, to reach an agreement with training centres in other countries, we need to be flexible with each other.

Erasmobility Video Tutorial

Watch this video and learn how Erasmobility works!