Talentenschool Turnhout Campus Zenit

  • Turnhout, Flanders, Belgium
    De Merodelei 220, 2300 Turnhout, Antwerpen, België
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  • Teacher administrator: Ben Bastiaensen


  • Sectors 01 Education , 05 Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics , 06 Information and Communication technologies , 07 Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction , 09 Health and Welfare
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  • OID Number E10074103
  • Specialising in sector 0211 Audio-visual techniques and media production0213 Fine arts0415 Secretarial and office work0511 Biology0531 Chemistry0533 Physics0611 Computer use0612 Database and network design and administration0613 Software and applications development and analysis0713 Electricity and energy0714 Electronics and automation0715 Mechanics and metal trade0716 Motor vehicles, ships and aircraft0722 Materials (glass, paper, plastic and wood)0921 Care of the elderly and of disabled adults0922 Child care and youth services0923 Social work and counselling1013 Hotel, restaurants and catering
  • The centre is able to provide work placements for students with special needs Yes
  • Type of work placements Student work placementsTeacher exchangesStudents with fewer opportunities
  • Erasmus Experience Yes
  • The Erasmus experience of this centre Talentenschool Turnhout Campus Zenit has been involved in internationalisation since 2006. We've been part of several Comenius and Erasmus+ KA2 projects. We've also been part of Erasmus+ KA1 projects in which we've sent learners abroad for internships in companies or study mobilities in schools. Next to that we also had numerous of staff on study visits and trainings in the EU.
  • It is a consortium Yes

Organisation Description

At Talentenschool Turnhout Campus Zenit, you will find all the technical and graphic courses of Talent School Turnhout. In the first degree, the courses 1B Talent (Campus Zenit), 2B STEM techniques: Electricity-mechanics-wood and 2B Art and creation – STEM techniques: Printed media. For all other courses in the first grade, students start at Campus Boomgaard and, depending on the talent modules they choose, move to Campus Zenit.

With its well-developed Art and Creation and Graphics departments (from multimedia (TSO) to printing techniques and publicity (BSO)), Campus Zenit offers the broadest range of graphics courses in Flanders. Within these departments, our school strongly emphasises internationalisation, cooperation with the business world and competencies. This is how we prepare students for a rapidly growing and evolving sector.

In addition, Campus Zenit also offers a wide range of courses within the departments of STEM sciences and STEM techniques. Technological sciences and computer management are demanding TSO courses that prepare students for higher education. Cooperation with colleges and companies in the region is also what our school chooses to do in order to prepare students optimally.

In the technical section, Zenit Campus offers Electricity, Carpentry,  Car mechanics, etc., as well as a number of other subjects. Within these disciplines, our school opts for optimal internship guidance, close cooperation with companies and with a focus on immediate employment after graduation for each student. From the 2019-2020 academic year onwards, we also offer a number of dual courses.

Campus Zenit is also strongly committed to student guidance and study career counselling. Students are actively challenged in their learning behaviour in order to become good employees later on in life. Teachers also guide them according to their skills, interests and employment opportunities.

Talentenschool Turnhout Campus Zenit is also the coordinating partner of an Erasmus+ consortium. We are looking for and can offer job shadowing, internships, study mobilities and teaching mobilities for Technological sciences, ICT, Multimedia, Graphic design, printing, electricity, car mechanics and carpentry, economics, hotel, restaurant and office management.

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