MFR Balleroy

  • Balleroy sur Drôme, Normandy, France
    81 Rue Des Forges, 14490 Balleroy, France
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  • Teacher administrator: Muriel CHIVOT


  • Sectors 08 Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Veterinary
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  • OID Number E10114272
  • Specialising in sector 0811 Crop and livestock production
  • Type of work placements Student work placementsTeacher exchangesStudents with fewer opportunities
  • Erasmus Experience Yes
  • The Erasmus experience of this centre   Our school is involved in an Erasmus program that offers us the opportunity to send students in placement in Europe. Staff often travel abroad to create partnerships with schools, discover new teaching techniques and learn about professional companies.

Organisation Description

The school is called Maison Familiale Rurale (MFR) and exists since 1963. It is located on the western part of Normandy, France. The MFR is a vocational school welcoming students aged between 14 and 18. Apprenticeship and/or training for students is made with a specific system, which is “sandwich courses”: students come one week at school then the week after they go in internship in a company and so on all year long. Even the 14 years-old students have the same rhythm.

The students from 14 to 16 finish compulsory education (junior High school). They work on their professional orientation through their internships and in classes. Those who are motivated by agriculture or horses can stay at the MFR and begin the next September either a vocational 2 year-diploma or a vocational 3-year diploma. These two diplomas are professional ones. The others go to other schools according to their professional wish.
The school has two adult trainings in the equine field. One around the young horse education in show jumping and one in equine grooming. Both are in apprenticeship over one year.

There are 135 students and 45 young adults at the MFR. The specificity of the school is that the pedagogy uses students’ experiences in class after their placement week in order to mix theory with practice.
The staff is composed of one headmaster, one executive assistant, one secretary, two cooks, one night-supervisor, one gardener and eleven teachers. Each teacher has an office which means one can always have a meeting with students to talk about their placement during lunch break for example.
The school is a boarding school: most students stay and sleep at school.
The MFR is located 20 minutes from Bayeux, city of 13 000 inhabitants, in
Normandy. Yet, the school is in a rural part. This is why trainings it offers are adequate with the local environment: agriculture and horse breeding.