• Łódź górna , Lodz Voivodeship, Poland
    Radomska 7, 93-130 Łódź, Łódź Voivodeship, Poland
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  • Teacher administrator: Justyna Panevska


  • Sectors 01 Education
  • Viewed 71
  • OID Number E10231380
  • Specialising in sector 0923 Social work and counselling
  • Type of work placements Teacher exchangesStudents with fewer opportunities
  • Erasmus Experience Yes
  • The Erasmus experience of this centre Youth education: “A world of the local culture”, which is implemented virtually in two cities - Lowicz and Lodz. The project aims at educating youth 15-18 years old, about multiculturalism in the XIX/XX century. Through the virtual games that will be created, we will present innovative methods of teaching about the local history, traditions, and cultures in both mentioned cities.  “Color of the smile” - ESC project. The goal of the project is to help an institution working for children and toddlers, by painting or decorating the walls of hospital wards, institutions, orphanages, single mother's homes, and special schools. “One Earth One Life” - ESC solidarity project. The goal of the project is to spread broadly understood pro-ecological attitudes and change the attitude of local communities to issues related to caring for the environment. We want to achieve this by organizing workshops and events on topics related to spreading the idea of caring for the environment: workshops related to the topic of cooking from leftovers and not wasting food, proper selection of waste and giving it a second life, preparation of home cosmetics and cleaning products based on natural ingredients, by organizing a city game and a clothes bazaar combined with learning to remake them. By implementing this project, we want to prevent food waste and the production of large amounts of waste. E-skilled Volunteers as part of the Meet & Code 2020 program - supporting IT skills of volunteers aged (18-24) operating in the third sector in Poland Girls! Let's play - a project aimed at women aged 15-30, establishing workshops on assertiveness and methods of counteracting stereotypes about women in sport. “What is essential, is not visible for eyes” - solidarity project ESC. The project aim is to increase awareness about different disabilities “Active in sport, active in life” - solidarity project ESC. The project’s aim is to increase the sports activity among youth and to be able to transfer the activity into daily life. “E-volunteering - key to be active” - Erasmus+ KA227 project made in cooperation with Maltese, Greek, and Austrian partner, that aims to involve young people in the online volunteering activities to give them a chance to gain the skills and competencies that can be useful in their future job.  Kapibara Action - It is a project prepared by young people to eliminate homophobia, sexism,  stigmatization of the disabled by creating social campaigns, interviews, videos.  ReSport aims to reintroduce European Traditional Sports and Games into the daily lives of young European citizens (16-30) as a means to tackle modern day’s burning social challenges such as the lack of physical activity, sedentary lifestyle, and decreased levels of socialization. Cross border skill exchange - Polish and Ukrainian youth exchange that aims at empowering youth (16-24) with digital competencies and skills Back to 7000 BC - is organized by young people believing in the power of intercultural dialogue, building empathy, awareness, and tolerance between people. The youth will meet in the Aswan region of Egypt, where they will create together a safe space for dialogue and exchange of experiences on tolerance and social integration in a culturally and religiously diverse society. The project will involve 36 participants Healthy life via sport - The project aims to develop knowledge concerning the benefits of doing sports and leading a healthy lifestyle. The project will take place in Dilijan, Armenia, and will be carried out by young people (18-30 years old) from Armenia, Poland, Georgia, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, and Romania. Our data, our responsibility - the project is a social dialogue of young people (15-30 years old) with decision-makers aimed at discussing data security on the Internet in the context of our participation in public life, in particular in schools, workplaces, and public administration as citizens Defeat fake news, free the media - the project aims to spread the idea of ​​democracy, freedom, and equality. The goal will be achieved through the implementation of issues devoted to media education and film meetings presenting various faces of freedom combined with meetings with social activists. Life is a survival - ESC project to empower youth emotional stability and show them possibilities to develop themselves through the different programmes.  Adult education:  OUT with burnOUT! - Erasmus+ KA204 Adult Education. The project involves 4 countries: Poland, Moldova, Sweden, Romania. The project aims at supporting educators in maintaining a work-life balance in their work.   “On the way to yourself” project with a national range dedicated to women who seek work-life balance. The project is based on group and individual coaching sessions for women as well as individual sessions with a job counselor. “Poziom wyżej” - this project aims to increase the knowledge and skills of LEVEL UP Association members. Training and study tours will take place in Turkey, Luxembourg, and Spain.   Intergenerational project and activities: “Brave & safe” - the project aims to strengthen the sense of safety of children and people 55+ through the implementation of workshops on cybersecurity, self-defense, first aid, and safety in public places. “Climate experimentarium”- aims to involve youth and seniors in the climate crisis discussion by implementing intergenerational workshops. The project involves 2 NGOs from Poland and a folk school from Norway. Woman and Life – when anger builds up - The project aims to create an intergenerational theatre performance showing what and how shaped a woman in Poland, what she struggled with and how others perceived her. The project uses drama and dance therapy methods to support participants.  “Don’t get old too fast” - aimed at preventing the digital exclusion of seniors, providing social reactivation after the pandemic, promoting intergenerational activities, promoting and encouraging seniors to take on other activities than those usually identified with the elderly people- e.g. watching television or solving crosswords.

Organisation Description

The LEVEL UP Association was established in 2019 to support, inspire, and conduct educational activities. The idea to create the Association was born among 10 people who actively operate in the social field and have experience in project management, people who have already conducted many workshops and training related to cooperation with children, young adults, and the elderly. Many of us have experience in both short and long-term foreign exchanges and training courses (as participants, team leaders, coordinators, or trainers/facilitator). We want to develop personally, and at the same time help others, by sharing our experience and skills. We believe in “learning by doing”.


Target groups:
-young people, adults, and elderly people (including people with fewer opportunities)

-volunteers involved in the activities of our organization
-people interested in community development

In every project we always include people with fewer opportunities, mostly with social/economical problems, from remote/village areas, with social disorders and educational problems. 

Implementing the project, we usually cooperate with 5 high schools, 3 socio therapeutic social centers, and a couple NGOs. 


 E-Volunteering program


Since 06.2020 we are conducting our e-volunteering program that involves different age groups. Our

organization has currently 129 active team members (19 men, 110 women – age range 13 – 50 y.o.) that are developing their skills in areas such as translation, graphics, and visualization, blogging, social project management, social research, creating social initiatives preparation, administration, partners & stakeholders acquisition, and PR & marketing. The program aims at developing key competencies & interpersonal skills through online volunteering, fostering employability, empowering active participation in social life in the time of COVID-19, and creating the conditions for gaining the first professional experience. 25 people have already finished cooperation with us after several months of operation and achieved a good result of their involvement. Most of our volunteers are living in remote areas, and around 5 of them also have disabilities but through e-volunteering, we can empower them. We have cooperated with Groupon Company, so 4 of their employees participated in employee volunteering. 

As part of the project, young people independently run a social blog where they take up important social topics and have the opportunity to express themselves, expressing opinions, among others in terms of climate, ecology, human rights, professional development, third sector, etc. The research group conducts international social research in the context of occupational burnout in the third sector and starts new research in Poland on youth frustration caused by the pandemic.

A marketing group of 20 young people deals with the promotion of social activities and building relationships with social partners: other NGO’s, schools, and businesses. Whenever possible, we also try to implement stationary activities. So far, young people have taken part in the renovation of the walls of socio-therapeutic clubs as part of the “Color of the smile” and planted a forest with us as part of the “One Earth, One Life” project. Our young volunteers also took part in the preparation of an ecological virtual game for young people under 18 years of age.

Through online activities, young people learn new tools, improve their digital competencies and manage social projects. 

We implemented 2 ESC solidarity projects initiated by our volunteers. We are on the way with 8 different solidarity projects who aim to empower different social groups. 4 of them are initiated by external informal groups, the rest by internal volunteers. 

Additionally, the volunteers are fully involved in the preparation of international youth exchanges that can broaden their horizons and support their education and professional experience on a different level. So far we took part in Polish – Ukrainian YE, Polish Lithuanian YE, YE in Hungary.In 2022 we are sending volunteers for YE in Malta, Lithuania,  Egypt, Armenia, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Sweden. Youthworkers and educators will have possibility to take part in TC in Portugal, Estonia, Sweden, Luksemburg, Turkey, Tenerife.