Landschaftsverband Rheinland (LVR)

  • Cologne, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany
    Kennedy-Ufer 2, 50679 Köln, Deutschland
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  • Teacher administrator: Delia Kaltenbach


  • Sectors 01 Education , 02 Arts and humanities , 03 Social Sciences, Journalism and Information , 04 Business, Administration and Law , 05 Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics , 06 Information and Communication technologies , 07 Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction , 08 Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Veterinary , 09 Health and Welfare , 10 Services
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  • OID Number E10180563
  • Specialising in sector 0112 Training for pre-school teachers0211 Audio-visual techniques and media production0214 Handicrafts0222 History and archaeology0313 Psychology0314 Sociology and cultural studies0321 Journalism and reporting0322 Library, information and archival studies0411 Accounting and taxation0413 Management and administration0414 Marketing and advertising0415 Secretarial and office work0511 Biology0522 Natural environments and wildlife0542 Statistics0611 Computer use0612 Database and network design and administration0613 Software and applications development and analysis0713 Electricity and energy0722 Materials (glass, paper, plastic and wood)0723 Textiles (clothes, footwear and leather)0724 Mining and extraction0731 Architecture and town planning0732 Building and civil engineering0812 Horticulture0821 Forestry0913 Nursing and midwifery0915 Therapy and rehabilitation0916 Pharmacy0921 Care of the elderly and of disabled adults0922 Child care and youth services0923 Social work and counselling1013 Hotel, restaurants and catering1015 Travel, tourism and leisure1022 Occupational health and safety1032 Protection of persons and property
  • The centre is able to provide work placements for students with special needs Yes
  • Type of work placements Student work placementsTeacher exchangesStudents with fewer opportunities
  • Erasmus Experience Yes
  • The Erasmus experience of this centre
  • It is a consortium Yes

Organisation Description

The Landschaftsverband Rheinland (LVR) – the Regional Council of the Rhineland municipalities – operates with around 22,000 employees as a supralocal authority for the 9.8 million people in the Rhineland in Germany. With 41 special schools, 10 clinics, 20 museums and cultural institutions, 4 youth welfare services, the State Youth Welfare Office and a curative education network, it fulfils a role which is recognised right across the Rhineland region. The LVR is Germany’s largest service provider for people with special needs, promoting inclusion in all areas of life. “Quality for people” is the LVR’s guiding principle.

The LVR is a newly accredited member of the Erasmus+ programme in the field of vocational education and training and seeks to realize mobilities for apprentices and teaching staff inter alia in the LVR nursing schools and central administration. Its Erasmus+ consortium includes seven nursing schools which offer 3-year apprenticeships that combine both theoretical classes and work placements in clinics and nursing homes. These institutions are located all over the Rhineland in Bedburg-Hau, Bonn, Düren, Düsseldorf, Köln, Langenfeld, and Viersen. The central LVR administration in Cologne furthermore offers apprenticeships in the public administration sector.

Beyond the nursing and administration sectors, the LVR comprises a wide variety of departments and institutions, which facilitates collaboration in VET in many different fields.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in an Erasmus+-exchange. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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