IES Luis de Góngora

  • Córdoba, Cordoba, Spain
    Calle Diego León 2, 14002 Córdoba, Provincia de Córdoba, España
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  • Teacher administrator: Francisco Espejo


  • Sectors 04 Business, Administration and Law
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  • OID Number E10018732
  • Specialising in sector 0411 Accounting and taxation0412 Finance, banking and insurance0413 Management and administration0414 Marketing and advertising0416 Wholesale and retail sales
  • Jobs Graphic designAdministrationLogistic managementOffice managementRetailing
  • The centre is able to provide work placements for students with special needs Yes
  • Type of work placements Student work placementsTeacher exchangesStudents with fewer opportunities
  • Erasmus Experience Yes
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Organisation Description

The IES Luis de Góngora is an institute with great history and tradition in the city of Córdoba. Located on Calle Diego de León next to Plaza de la Tendillas and with a history dedicated to education since August 15, 1577.

It is a center that offers various teachings from all branches of knowledge, being especially important its foreign vocation. Among them, vocational training has a prominent place.

We have higher-level training cycles in Marketing and Advertising, Sales Management and Commercial Spaces, and International Trade, the latter in a bilingual Spanish-English modality. In all these teachings, training in English is present, since we have a marked exterior and bilingual vision.

The duration of these teachings is 2 years, being from March of the second year when they will carry out their training in workplaces.

International trade students receive training in the following subjects:

• International freight transport
• Economic and financial management of the company (bilingual)
• Storage logistics
• Administrative management of international trade (bilingual)
• Market information system
• International Marketing (bilingual)
• International negotiation (bilingual)
• International financing
• International payment methods
• English
• International digital trade
• Training and career counseling

What prepares them to be excellent professionals in the field of international trade.

Marketing and advertising students receive training in the following subjects:

• Marketing policies.
• Economic and financial management of the company.
• Design and development of communication material.
• Media and communication supports.
• Public relations and organization of marketing events.
• Commercial investigation.
• Field work in commercial research.
• Launch of products and services.
• Customer, consumer and user service.
• English
• Digital marketing.
• Training and career counseling

With this training they leave ready to join the exciting world of marketing and advertising.

Sales and commercial space management students receive training in the following subjects:

• Window dressing and design of commercial spaces
• Management of products and promotions at the point of sale
• Organization of sales teams
• Sales and negotiation techniques
• Marketing policies
• Economic and financial management of the company
• Storage logistics
• Supply logistics
• Commercial investigation
• Training and career counseling
• Digital marketing
• English

These specialists in the implementation of commercial spaces will be ready to manage logistics, sales or marketing.

Our center is looking for European partners to be able to get companies and for our students to carry out internships in a European country. We can do the same for your students.

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