Helmut Schmidt Schule Bremen Europaschule

  • Bremen, Bremen, Germany
    Walliser Straße 125, 28325 Bremen, Deutschland
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  • Teacher administrator: Malte Dannemann


  • Sectors 01 Education
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  • OID Number E10074203
  • Specialising in sector 0411 Accounting and taxation0413 Management and administration0415 Secretarial and office work
  • Jobs AdministrationOffice managementAdministrative and secretarial servicesData entry
  • Erasmus Experience Yes
  • The Erasmus experience of this centre Since the 2015/16 school year, the mobility project European Business Management Assistant has been offered. In order to prepare themselves for the European and international markets already during their training, the students of this additional training take the following modules, each with an independent final examination: - Foreign language course in Spanish or English (offered as part of the vocational school curriculum) - Foreign language certificate in English (offered as part of vocational school instruction) - European computer driving licence (offered as part of vocational training) - Learning field in foreign trade education - at least 3 weeks internship abroad With the help of ERASMUS+ funding, more than 100 students and 20 teachers have taken part in a work-related stay abroad in Europe since 2016. Startup course since 2019/2020: Business models, ideas, entrepreneurship

Organisation Description


The Helmut Schmidt Schule is a school with the profile of modern office and service professions as well as part-time and part-time full-time study courses. In the part-time area,
vocational school students and trainees are theoretically and practically prepared for the final apprenticeship examinations. Currently, students are taught the following apprenticeship
occupations at the Helmut Schmidt Schule: office management assistant, sports and fitness assistant, event management assistant and personnel services assistant.
A second focus of the school is the full-time area with the following courses of education: two-year higher commercial school, one-year commercial school, works school and practical
training class. Since the beginning of the 2014/15 school year, unaccompanied young refugees have been prepared for the dual training system in terms of language and vocational
preparation. Also since 2014, two inclusion classes consisting of pupils with impairments in the area of perception and development have been taught at the school.
The school is located in a district of Bremen with about 40,000 inhabitants from about 40 nation

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