Dirección General de Formación

  • MADRID, Madrid, Spain
    VIA LUSITANA, 21 4º, 28025
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  • Teacher administrator: Fernando Gutierrez


  • Sectors 04 Business, Administration and Law , 06 Information and Communication technologies , 07 Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction
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  • OID Number E10207000
  • Specialising in sector 0411 Accounting and taxation0412 Finance, banking and insurance0611 Computer use0613 Software and applications development and analysis0713 Electricity and energy0714 Electronics and automation0715 Mechanics and metal trade0732 Building and civil engineering1015 Travel, tourism and leisure
  • The centre is able to provide work placements for students with special needs Yes
  • Type of work placements Student work placementsTeacher exchanges
  • Erasmus Experience Yes
  • The Erasmus experience of this centre https://cftic.centrosdeformacion.empleo.madrid.org/ https://frioyclimatizacion.centrosdeformacion.empleo.madrid.org/ https://edificayobracivil.centrosdeformacion.empleo.madrid.org/ https://elecyaeronautica.centrosdeformacion.empleo.madrid.org/ https://finanzasyseguros.centrosdeformacion.empleo.madrid.org/ VIDEO https://mediateca.educa.madrid.org/video/yad851u4jfe4h6qr
  • It is a consortium Yes

Organisation Description

The General Directorate of Training is the public body responsible for Vocational Training for Employment in the Community of Madrid. It reports to the Regional Ministry of Economy, Employment and Finance of the Community of Madrid, and its organizational structure includes the Network of Training Centers for Employment, whose mission is to improve the professional qualification of workers in the Community of Madrid through personalized actions, specialized training and active support in the
search for employment. To this aim, our Training Centers are specialized by sectors and areas of professional training: information and communication technologies, administration
and communications technologies, administration, insurance and finance, construction, aerospace technology, refrigeration and air conditioning and air conditioning.
aerospace technology, refrigeration and air conditioning, electricity and electronics – and directly manage training courses for the unemployed people training more than 7,000 students each year in professional certificates and specialized training. These training centers
contribute to the improvement of the national vocational training system through research, certification and constant updating, and all of them have been qualified as National Reference Centers for Vocational Training (Centros de Referencia Nacional de Formación Profesional).
National Reference Centers in the field of Vocational Training (https://acortar.link/XITSuK) in their respective sectors.
sectors. One of the main characteristics of the Network is its strong commitment to quality, symbolized by the teaching quality system that places the student at the center of all the activity and initiatives of the centers and the network has gained the EFQM 400 range (4 stars European Level of Excellence). With regard to the experience in
mobility of students, teachers and managers is already extensive and the different centers have participated in the last 25 years in successive: Euroqualification, Now,
Leonardo I and Leonardo II and Erasmus+, with technical units in each of the centers that have the european projects as one of their main tasks and staff specialized and experienced in project management. Today we can say that the activity of the centers themselves cannot be understood without the mobility of both students and staff, and that the collaboration between training center and companies is the key point of this project, which continues to be a key element of the mobility project. Nowadays our 5 Training Centers of the Community of Madrid lead (3) or participate as partners (2) in projects KA220.