Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France

  • France
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  • Sectors 07 Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction
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  • Specialising in sector 0715 Mechanics and metal trade0723 Textiles (clothes, footwear and leather)0732 Building and civil engineering
  • Jobs Metal fitting, turning and machiningAircraft maintenanceCar and body paintingCarpentry (furniture)Bricklaying/masonryConstructional metalwork (building)House buildingPainting and wall coveringPlumbing and pipefitting
  • The centre is able to provide work placements for students with special needs Yes
  • Erasmus Experience Yes
  • The Erasmus experience of this centre We believe transnational mobility as one of the most important ways of acquiring new competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) in order to improve the participant personal development and employability in the European labour market. For this reason our main objective is to offer quality programmes so that participants get the maximum benefit from French training and personal experiences in our training centres. As a vocational training organisation, Les Compagnons du Devoir has extensive experience in the overall organisation of mobility projects abroad and has obtained the Erasmus VET accreditation 2021-2027. Apprentices training with us in France have a short 3-week work placement abroad as part of their basic training. As part of the “journeyman” curriculum, trainees spend a year working abroad, to develop their knowledge and understanding of other cultures, languages and work environments. Trainees also have the opportunity to participate in our specialized international training courses. Since 2004, more than 17 360 apprentices and almost 7 100 journeymen went abroad. Thanks to a large network of training centres and companies, we can also host trainees from abroad and provide qualified work placement and training experiences, able to enhance the professional competences of the participants.

Organisation Description

For more than nine centuries “Les Compagnons du Devoir” has supported young people in developing their professional skills to a high standard in their chosen trade. Sharing knowledge and expertise travel and community living are the foundations of “Les Compagnons du Devoir”.Every year, our trainees (Journeymen) move from company to company, city to city, region to region, country to country for 4 to 6-year period, called “Tour de France”. Traveling with a tool box is an adventure, a voyage of self-discovery, broadening horizons and enhancing professional outlook. As we expect our trainees to be open to travelling abroad, we also welcome any young person wanting to come to train with us in France. Les Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France is a non-profit association and provides training from basic to advanced level in 31 trades, divided into six sectors: Construction, Interior fittings and finishes, Baking trades, Metal and industrial trades, Leather and upholstery, Rural trades.Les Compagnons du Devoir operates 40 vocational training centres across the country where we provide initial training for apprentices (generally about 16-years-old). The apprenticeship is a 2-3 year course where students alternate between 6 weeks working with their employers, and 2 weeks full-time residential training at our centres. During the 2-week block, students are living and working alongside qualified and experienced “journeymen” (see below). On completion students receive a recognized qualification in their chosen trade. We also provide higher level training for qualified trades people. This is based on a “journeyman” model where the trainee hones their skills, travelling from town to town, working in different companies during the day, while living in one of our 80 houses, providing accommodation in a community environment.