CIFP Ferrolterra

  • Ferrol, A Coruna, Spain
    Rúa Ramón y Cajal. s/n. Ferrol, 15403
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  • Teacher administrator: Isabel Veiga


  • Sectors 06 Information and Communication technologies , 07 Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction
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  • Specialising in sector 0713 Electricity and energy0714 Electronics and automation0715 Mechanics and metal trade0716 Motor vehicles, ships and aircraft0722 Materials (glass, paper, plastic and wood)
  • The centre is able to provide work placements for students with special needs No
  • Type of work placements Student work placementsTeacher exchanges
  • Erasmus Experience Yes
  • The Erasmus experience of this centre One of our goals to continuous improvement is the internationalization of our centre. Definitely this experience enhances the employability of our students and increases its competitiveness in the face of job hunting on the one hand, and promotes a higher level of education among the students on the other hand. Furthermore, the linguistic skills and interculturalism of the students is better and they learn working methods of other countries that lead to entrepreneurial projects in ours. Our school has a wide network of contacts and partners, also experience and seriousness in international projects, in addition to a staff fully committed to the European projects and a management team that supports them. We have wide experience in Renewable Energies as we have those fields in our VET Dual studies. From 2012 until now we have participated in numerous European projects (Leonardo, Erasmus +, The job of my life) and we have made important contacts with companies and other schools. In 2014 our centre obtained the Erasmus Chart with Reference E LA-CORU28. The mobilities of students and teachers have increased year by year with high quality mobilities in renowned companies (Mercedes Benz Daimler, Grunewald ....) in EU countries and in addition to this some students were employed by those companies. Teachers have carried out jobshadowing programs and collaborations with other European schools and companies. On the other hand the number of foreign students and faculty that we manage has increased too. Most recently Erasmus + projects we were involved: - Pilot Freeboard in the framework of project MATES project (Skills alliance project). This is our most relevant activity in the field of shipbuilding/offshore wind energy. The goal is to provide a naval work environment to improve practical learning methodology for students, building a real-scale part of ship’s hull. Our main purpose is to simulate real work conditions of a real shipyard, where most of our students are likely to work in a future. - Pilot Greenmove in the framework of project MATES project (Skills alliance project). In order to promote a cleaner and sustainable maritime industry the aim of this activity is: Minimize the environmental impacts linked to marine boats and skippers, upskill workers/ VET students on more effective building processes for cleaner traditional boats and exchange knowledge on traditional antique manufacturing of boats to produce teaching materials/ to improve training. -Own projects KA103, and participation by the Praxeuropa (KA103) and Next Station (KA102) consortiums of the Consellería, and KA102 with APAGA (Association of Automotive Teachers). -Own projects KA121 and KA131. - Project KA1 COASTLINE ++ Technisches Bildungszentrum Mitte Bremen. A project of mobility for the study of coastal relations of similar industrial conditions from all over Europe Among many others collaborations. All the teachers, management team and coordinator of International programs work together to achieve our school goal of internationalization. Due to this our mobilities raise up year after year. Our school has a proven wide network of contacts and partners and also experience and seriousness in international projects. Among our specialties, that are: Mechanical Manufacturing; Electricity and Electronics; Transport and Maintenance of Vehicles; Energy and Water; Installation and Maintenance; Wood, Furniture and Bark we have teams of teachers in order to organize the purpose of the project.

Organisation Description

CIFP Ferrolterra is a high school committed to quality and continuous improvement. We have got VET and Further VET studies in the following areas: Mechanical Manufacturing; Electricity and Electronics; Transport and Maintenance of Vehicles; Energy and Water (Plumbing, Heating Systems…); Installation and Maintenance; Wood, Furniture and Bark.

Our experience and quality as educators is the key for the employability of our students. Our teachers also have a deep commitment in projects beyond their teaching. They continuously participate in projects that enable synergies and create bonds between different areas.

The staff is composed of 100 teachers attending near 1000 students. The school has got the ISO 9001 Quality System since 2012.

The centre has improved its International Programs very notably, currently counting on a wide and consolidated international network of partners with a large number of Erasmus Student Mobilities for internships abroad every year.

The center has ECHE Charter Accreditation 2021-2027 (  and VET Charter Accreditation (FP) with the code: 2020-1-ES01-KA120-VET-095815

Our school also has a great recognition in Educational Innovation Projects with numerous awards every year.

In addition, the centre has a business incubator, entrepreneurship programs and an important job centre.

In addition to regular courses in the school, Complementary Training is provided with the profiles demanded by the companies in the region and Training Courses for Unemployed.

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