atheneum GO! For Business

  • Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Brussels Capital, Belgium
    Rue De La Flûte Enchantée - Toverfluitstraat, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, 1080 Région de Bruxelles-Capitale, Belgique
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  • Teacher administrator: Axelle Daems


  • Sectors 01 Education
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  • Specialising in sector 0231 Language acquisition0413 Management and administration
  • Jobs Foreign languagesAccountingAdministrationLogistic managementOffice management
  • The centre is able to provide work placements for students with special needs No
  • Type of work placements Teacher exchanges
  • Erasmus Experience Yes
  • The Erasmus experience of this centre Our school coordinates currently a KA229-project called Students become citizens.  This project in which 5 different countries are working together has as purpose to exchange good practices and promote citizenship. Our students are able to travel to Italy, Spain, Denmark or Norway to discover the beautiful volunteering  projects in the different countries and the organisation of it. This makes volunteering more visible in their mind, they learn that they have an active impact on society and the world. Also the active participation in the school is an important subject in our project.

Organisation Description

Atheneum GO! for Business is the only Dutch-speaking school from the GO! network education of the Flemish Community in Molenbeek. Our school regroups different options: general education (ASO), technical education (TSO) and vocational education (BSO).

Each option has a link with economics. We have currently 330 pupils and 65 staff members. Our collective goal as a school is to focus on entrepreneurship and well-being in order to increase the chances of success of young people in a quantitative and qualitative manner. For the educational project of the GO! (PPGO!) is the central focus of education learning and living together.

In order to fulfill this task, we focus on independence, talent development and inclusion of active citizenship. The fact that we are in Brussels, the capital of Europe, makes it very interesting for other schools to come here. Brussels, a cosmopolitan city, have the European Parliament and Commission. 180 different nationalities mingle.

Our school is specifically located in the municipality of Molenbeek. It is one of the 19 municipalities of Brussels Capital region. There is a lack of diversity in the foreign population and the fact they are all
clustered in the same area is a problem. There is one main minority group in Molenbeek and therefore in our school. Having a population from a low social and economic background and all from immigration brings a lot of challenges like language deficiency.

To achieve our goal, we organise a lot of activities like:
-“Brutus” learning from students from universities to improve their skills.
-Social internship : improving tolerance and solidarity by helping others in different situations.

As a part of the Unesco ASP network (Unesco Associated Schools Project network), we organise every year different activities and specifically a social internship on different locations. Being an Unesco school means to be a representative of the values of Unesco.
These activities focus on strengthen tolerance and solidarity. International cooperation is also part of those values and we have worked in the past with other schools.

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