Diogo Cão Schools

  • Vila Real, Vila Real, Portugal
    Rua Doutor Manuel Cardona, 5000-558 Vila Real, Distrito de Vila Real, Portugal
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  • Teacher administrator: Pedro Regadas


  • Sectors 01 Education , 05 Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics , 06 Information and Communication technologies , 09 Health and Welfare , 10 Services
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  • OID Number E10154406
  • Specialising in sector 0111 Education science
  • Jobs Early childhood teaching (within formal school settings)Foreign languages
  • The centre is able to provide work placements for students with special needs No
  • Type of work placements Teacher exchangesStudents with fewer opportunities
  • Erasmus Experience

Organisation Description

The Diogo Cão Schools Group was approved on June 26, 2003 and comprises eighteen kindergarten schools(students 3 to 5 years old), fourteen primary schools (students 6 to 9 years old) and one middle school(students 10 to 15 years old). Among multiple subjects, Spanish, Portuguese, French and English languages are taught. It is common practice to develop curricular articulation activities across the various subjects of the students’ curriculum,valuing the importance of language learning as an openness to new contexts. In this school group the staff continuous professional development is a general routine and collaborative teaching practices are frequently promoted as well.Digital and e-safety practices are continuously stimulated, through training and direct work with students in a classroom with state-of-the-art technological equipment: laptop computers,interactive whiteboards, active panel and professionals specialized in the field of robotics and computing. Our main mission is to contribute to the educational and personal success of our students through the provision of educational quality and their integral formation, promoting an education for active citizenship, supported by the capacity to respond to change, favouring the rigor and consistency of knowledge. Guided by a humanist vision, our main objectives are an education that is intended to be inclusive which responds effectively to the students’ ambitions, respecting the right to be different and valuing multiculturalism as an asset in learning. With an extremely valuable human capital, guided by rights, respect, support, guidance and well-being, this School Group is also based on fundamental values, including tolerance towards difference, encouraging freedom of thought and action within the principles of democracy, solidarity, valuing equal opportunities and excellence through hard work and dedication. As a Physical Education teacher and responsible for the Erasmus programme of this School Group, I intend to involve the entire educational community, in order to incorporate it into this project without borders.

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