Agrupamento de Escolas Abade de Baçal

  • Bragança, Braganca, Portugal
    Avenida General Humberto Delgado, 5300-068 Bragança, Bragança, Portugal, 5300 - 068
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  • Teacher administrator: RUI Manuel da Costa Gonçalves


  • Sectors 01 Education
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  • OID Number E10041316
  • Specialising in sector 0111 Education science
  • Jobs Educational assessment, testing and measurement
  • The centre is able to provide work placements for students with special needs Yes
  • Type of work placements Teacher exchanges
  • Erasmus Experience Yes
  • The Erasmus experience of this centre In previous years, the Agrupamento Abade de Baçal participated (as coordinator and partner) in various Erasmus+ projects. The Agrupamento is currently running several projects from the previous program. Finally, the Agrupamento applied for accreditation for 2021-2027, however, its application was not approved. Despite not having obtained accreditation, the Agrupamento considers participation in the Erasmus+ program as extreme importance, because, being an Interior Agrupamento, that is, from a disadvantaged background, it is through the program Erasmus+ that provides its audiences with a set of experiences that are considered structuring the learning process these days. Art, culture, environment, health, tolerance and STEAM are some of the areas that were part of the spectrum of experiences of our students and teachers. It is through the Erasmus+ program that students and teachers, in addition to improving their language skills, manage to relativize their experience in the World in different dimensions, being then able to build within themselves another world, much richer, enlightened, tolerant and diverse. Participation in previous Erasmus projects has provided teachers and students unique experiences that would never have occurred without the Erasmus program, both when students and teachers visited other countries, or when they received other students and teachers. The experience in Erasmus+ projects was commonly relevant for teachers and students: for the former because several projects allowed partnerships later, with the creation of a real network of European contacts and with the creation of new projects (such as the case of this application, which is a new partnership with a previous partner); for the seconds because they were able, often, to also create a broad network of partners, which will extend, we believe, throughout life, and it will open up a range of possibilities and opportunities. The Erasmus+ program has therefore been the true means of building a true European identity in the Cluster.

Organisation Description

The Agrupamento de Escolas Abade de Baçal aims to be a reference for the community, in which it is inserted, promoting excellence and betting on strategies that contribute to this:

  • Diverse and flexible training offer capable of responding to a heterogeneous public;
  • Technological and pedagogical innovation;
  • Building a quality relational environment.

The Agrupamento de Escolas Abade de Baçal, Bragança, is made up of the Abade Baçal Secondary School, the EB School 1,2,3 Augusto Moreno, the EB School of Izeda, three basic schools of the 1st Cycle (Escola Básica nº 8 – Artur Mirandela, Basic School of Parada and Basic School of Rossas) and five kindergartens (Kindergarten of the Station, Kindergarten of Rossas, Kindergarten of Parada, Kindergarten of Salsas and Kindergarten of Izeda ). The Headquarters of the Group, the Secondary School Abade de Baçal, is located about 40 kilometers from Izeda, and the remaining units are located in the urban perimeter and in the rural perimeter.

The school equipment and facilities have a very good quality in the main school (fruit of a process of requalification by Parque Escolar) and of good quality in Escola EB 1,2,3 Augusto Moreno and in Escola EB JI de Izeda and of regular quality in the other units.

There are about 150 trainees enrolled in adult education and training courses and in workshops of different types, which complement the educational offer of the Agrupamento in these places, in the Izeda Prison, and in the Prison in Bragança, to which the Agrupamento is associated,  aiming to provide the citizens who leave prisons with skills to face their new lives.

The most striking feature of the Agrupamento de Escolas Abade de Baçal is, from the point of view of the professional bond, stability. The teachers in the Agrupamento represent a significant majority and are therefore responsible for ensuring an important part of the available school service. This stability constitutes a valuable asset for the Agrupamento since it enhances the degree of identification, commitment, and interaction of the teachers and the school with the surrounding environment.

Finally, as for the students, the Agrupamento receives students from different backgrounds (from the rural world and from the town itself) and is, therefore, an institution at this level, very heterogeneous. The school results of the students are above the average of the Region. In the last decade, the school occupies a high place among schools in the national exams.

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