Preparatory visit to host students and teachers at Hopsitals

CIP FP La Costera in 09 Health and Welfare

Opportunity detail

  • Specialising in sector 0911 Dental studies0913 Nursing and midwifery0914 Medical diagnostic and treatment technology
  • Opportunity type Preparatory visit
  • Number of vacancies
  • Language used EnglishSpanish
  • Subjects/topics To promote work-based learning or apprenticeships

Opportunity description

One of the main specialisms of our school is health.Specifically, we are attempting to send our students of Image diagnosis and laboratory abroad. Every year, we have two or three students who are willing to complete an internship at an European hospital. Finding out about those workplacements without assistance from another school is very challenging.

With this in mind, we offer preparatory visits to schools interested in conducting small-scale exchanges at hospitals.

We will discuss the duration, working conditions, and living arrangements. This visit could be an excellent opportunity to show the teachers the hospitals and accommodations we have in Xàtiva