Learn about Erasmus projects with La Costera

CIP FP La Costera in 01 Education

Opportunity detail

  • Specialising in sector 0000 Not applicable
  • Opportunity type Job shadowing experience
  • Number of vacancies <2
  • Language used EnglishFrenchSpanish
  • Opportunity already done No
  • Subjects/topics Foster democratic citizenship and European valuesCultural awareness and expression competence

Opportunity description

Since 2011,The Erasmus project has been heavily embraced by La Costera School. We have the accreditation and the ECHE charter.Our philosophy is founded on small exchange experiences of students as well as job shadowing teachers.

We have established a network of partner schools throughout Europe and are committed to fostering the social and cultural integration of our students and those we host annually.

We propose a three-day job shadowing experience that will allow you to learn how we have organised and structured our Erasmus programme in the School Organization.